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The following are links to web-sites that may be useful to you. If you run a poker web-site or know of any useful ones, then drop me an email at bob@winbase.info, and if I think its ok, will include it here

Description Link
Deadeye55's Blog. Lotsa bits n pieces to have a gander at. http://deadeye55pokerworld.blogspot.com
Bad Beat Syndicate. Play Sats to big live events, and if ur any good, they mite even sponsor ya. www.badbeat.com
English-Swedish dictionary. If u wanna find out what those scandi's are REALLY saying about ya, or swear at 'em in their own tongue, check this out u fisk. www.freedict.com/onldict/swe.html
Hold 'em odds calculator. Wanna see just how far u were in front before the river? have a butchers and really p1ss urself off lol. www.cardplayer.com
Las Vegas Vegas. General Info and poker tourny details from our Spiritual Home. www.lasvegasvegas.com/index.php
Pokerlistings.com. poker news, reviews and online poker room comparisons www.pokerlistings.com
Proof online poker is rigged. Find the disturbing facts here. www.billrini.com
Roy The Boy's Site. Proof that he does stuff other than bank those royalty cheques from laddies lol. www.roytheboy.net/index.html
Uncover Poker. Actionjack & Sealy's site. Tuition, Articles, poker client and more. www.uncoverpoker.com
Vegas Poker Tournaments. Check out buy-ins and locations of events in sin city. www.allvegaspoker.com/tournaments.php

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