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Here are a cpl of technical bits and pieces that may help you.
How to save a screenshot as a graphics file
How to save player notes on Microgaming poker software
How to save a screenshot as a graphics file
are you proud of that win and wanna save it?, or perhaps you see an 'action hand' that you wanna show ur m8's. To save the graphic for posterity follow these steps:
  1. While the screen u want is displayed, press the PrintScrn Button on your keyboard (this saves the image to what's called the 'clipboard'). Tip: Just to save the active window (rather than the full screen), hold down the ALT key while pressing the PrintScrn button.
  2. Run The Paint program (start > programs > accessories > paint)
  3. Within Paint, click edit > paste, and in pops the captured image.
  4. Save your file (click file > save as) giving it a meaningful name, and Save as type JPEG. (If you use default bitmap format, then the file will be unnecessarily large).
  5. By default this should save the file in your 'My Pictures' folder, but u can change the location if needed.
  6. If u wanna Email this graphic, then simply insert it as a 'File attachment'.
How to save player notes on Microgaming poker software
To save notes on the 1000's of muppets and occasional decent player you have scrupulously observed on poker clients that use Microgaming software (i.e Ladbrokes, Bet365, etc.) please take the following steps:
  1. Right click Start in your windows taskbar and select Explore Navigate to the folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Bob\Application Data\Microgaming\MPG (Note: 'Bob' is my username, yours is likely to be different lol)
  2. In This folder you will find files such as: PrimaPokerNetwork.dat, and/or LadbrokesPokerNetwork.dat, these are the files that contain your notes.
  3. Right click the file you want to save and select copy navigate to the location you want to save your notes to, i.e a folder/floppy drive/memory stick, then right click and select paste.
  4. to restore notes to a new pc, first install your poker client software, and reverse the process by overwriting the freshly built empty notes file with your saved copy.

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