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Here's a mish-mash of Ladbrokes Profiles & players as well as other piccys that made me laff

ScandiMuff TheWaltman doesn't look too happy to say he's got a naked chick dancing in front of him lol. Well Well If It aint Deadeye55 and Skalie during a punk rock revival phase in 1997 hehe.
forum king thelodger even had a go at getting a youthful picture of himself on the site. Profile photo BANNED. The PM's must've been watching ET to realise this wasn't toot81. Profile photo BANNED.
George tells PowerToBurn to FO as he attempts to lift his stash mid-chord. Surprisingly, This profile photo of Aphidator was considered realistic. Profile Photo ALLOWED.
 I Think UnknownPro was a tad dischuffed after returning from the cruise, only to be welcomed back to a bad run of muppetings. This profile was uploaded, then BANNED, presumably after a PM actually read it lol
Who are these Guys mooning in Antigua during the Ladbrokes poker cruise 2006. Please Click here, or scroll to the 'bottom' of the section.
The self proclaimed 'punters pal' ruddock doing his homework. Profile photo BANNED ARGYLLjack is sure he's got the nuts. Profile photo BANNED
This wasn't submitted, but it's a realistic likeness of T8MML. Dashboardpal swims with humans. Profile photo BANNED.
guess who this is? - Clue: It's my favourite theoretical physicist lol Wish I had one of these PC's
If u think cycling in Traffic can be scary... sometimes It's not easy being green lol.
This was titled 'my childs last day on earth' when I got it, can't say fairer than that. Cool balloons, If u get caught speeding, tell the cops u thought they were real !!
Awww poor lamb, tell me where it hurts luv and i'll kiss it better.
No wonder dogs get excited...  When they see babes like this...
Taking ur crippled granny shopping can have it's compensations... The redeveloped Wembley stadium didn't quite turn out as well as expected...
This Guy looks well in control lol. I wonder wot he's carrying? U cant beat honesty when advertising.
Aint this so true in all fast food joints Twas a good nite last nite boys 'eh.
This place looks like my kinda bar. Many a man has come to this crossroads.
There's no substitute for getting your message across I wanna bike like this for xmas dad.
The only Iron I wanna see a woman using better have a 3-pin plug on one end, and it looks like someone else agrees with me. Get back to burning yer bra's in protest girls (please)
A delivery to Ladbrokes poker.
A delivery to geordieneil.
Sorry son, it's better u know the truth now... Wonder if he ever found out...
"Are you sure this is the new 'McTasty' mum?". We don't like cat burglars in Bradford.
But were more tolerant towards these two... If u think childbirth's painful, spare a thought for Mrs Porcupine.
Just in case u wanted to know for sure... "She always said she'd have my balls on a platter"
In a cemetery in Montreal, This looks sweet.  Until u notice the hidden message.
Don't ya just wanna do this sometimes. And here's someone u mite wanna do it to.
Jeez, parachuting sure is scary, can I open my eyes now.... Bloody tailgaters, they're everywhere....
This is yoga, as practiced by a Indian with many years experience.  This is yoga as practiced by an Irishman, also with many years experience....

The Mooners Are: Mark (BFA74) looking after the bags, Tony (spider99), Neil (geordieneil), Paul (WHITEHUNTER1), Alan (Jack-al)

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