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Find out what this year *probably* has in store, as predicted by our own in-house astrologer, Gypsy Rose Meee....


There is a choice every day and at every turn of the card. When you play Omaha, you can take the high road or the low. Seek within for your true needs and answers, and do not let despair or anxiety pull you down. Be open to insights about what you can do, and make your draws with infinite enthusiasm and resilience, and you will find doors opening and the way clearing. This is your year to let go of kowboys when on the bubble, and to finally find joy and happiness in life.


Your life is about to take a dive. Get ready for a very intense time as the Sun and Venus go through your sign. Major outdraws will occur when working a short stack as Issues relating to premium hands can be troublesome. Take time to assess any positive gains, however your long-term prospects may be exaggerated.


You are about to make a journey through your own underworld, resolving some deep-seated need. There is much in the recent past that has brought you to this point. Financial issues, and the insecurities and harsh realities attached when playing AK suited will cause a major dip in your bankroll, however the good news is that there is plenty of help available on most poker sites and forums.


A time of cold objectivity where everything in your life is illuminated by the cold gray light of dawn. This might seem a little harsh, but it is necessary, because you have been playing too many starting hands. Now you have a chance to make certain decisions free of your normal emotions and desires to win every pot. That is not possible at this time. Life is choice and change, not compromise.


While you may appear to be calm, and quietly contemplating your next move and where you are going from here, on the inside you face momentous decisions and absolute choices. A situation has developed that will force you to take one path or another, not both. This may involve aces or kings or a combination of both. In any event, you have lots of support and help from the rail, no matter which road you take.


The future can look quite bleak at this time, as it seems that your hopes, plans and dreams are not as it seemed. There are choices that must be made that involve your belief ‘you will win in the long run against muppets’, however you have to take responsibility for your own future. Where you have relied on 80% shots, your expectations will turn out to be overly optimistic. Don’t worry, this is a reality adjustment.


Your focus has been too much on pocket pairs and suited connectors. Difficulties or problems may arise that necessitates decisions that can impact on your stack. You still have the fortunate influence of Jupiter in your sign for a while yet, so make the most of it, and make decisions that will make life better, not worse. Be creative concerning any re-raises you are contemplating.


Focus is on your bankroll and changes in your financial picture that could come from flops rendering your high pairs useless. There is a spiritual awakening coming that has you facing some blocks or fears that have prevented you from being aware of a higher level. Big decisions will come from this awakening and they will affect how you see yourself, and what you have always believed about yourself.


Your focus is on moving forward and basing your life more on fulfilling your own needs. You often wrongly perceive others as being frightened when you raise, so must make life-altering decisions, and hope for some hidden power to make you safe and secure. You understand that it is necessary to take personal responsibility, and to make your plays work. That is the only decision that makes sense to you. Fortune may follow, but your future may not be secure because it is in your own hands.


You feel like you are walking straight into a gale, as so much seems to be coming right at you. There are a lot of issues, anxieties and fears involving runner-runners. Big decisions have to be made regarding folding the best hand. Unresolved issues from the past have you making the same old mistakes. Some positive and inspired actions can have you seeing clearly what is really important to you, so you can make different and better choices this time.


A powerful time to follow your dream and take a new road. Your focus is on fulfillment and believing in yourself. A major change in your future is possible if you learn to release bullets. Don’t let fears and practicality hold you back, but make the necessary decisions and go for it. The future is where dreams come true, not where regrets manifest. You will have a great deal of support from others for your efforts.


Gains through others can allow you to make choices that can boost your sense of self, of individuality. News regarding small pairs is positive, and you are able to meet a major need in your life. Worries about managing to avoid all-ins, stem from decisions involving becoming pot-commited too early. You may see this as taking a risk, but there are a great deal of chips available if you have the faith in yourself.

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