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These are a few movies you can watch & download. They all open with Microsoft Windows Media Player.
Do sports drinks really work?. Probably *** NEW ***
This granny's got attitude, and aint being hurried across the road by no-one
Domino toppling on a pool table. hmmmm interesting
This girls got a split personality. You know what's coming, but how the hell did he do it?
Watch a streaker rocket in a goal, lol
This gymnast got a tad too much lift off the springboard
Freaky kick to the face own goal
Dog sex gone way wrong, mmmmm tasty....
Watch peeps open a door with no glass
Don't let these cowboy builders anywhere near ur home lol
How to dump ur girlfriend - ouch
A nutter with a knife having a standoff v the police
Ernest the engine becomes more PC
Rally #1 - Get ya next time
Rally #2 - Pick a safe viewpoint
Rally #3 - It'll come out with a bit of t-cut m8
Rally #4 - Ouch, I bet that stings a bit
Rally #5 - Sry m8, I forgot to pack the lifejacket
Rally #6 - Its the new rock n roll
Helicopter gives boat a tow. Explain this to ur boss
Dirty Harry Aint got nothing on this copper
A biker taking his wife's dog for a walk, I don't think his hearts in it somehow.
Two guys enjoying a nice spot of fishing. I don't think they expected this !!
Rocket launcher accident - "oh he's fcuked up" lol
This guy was making a film about drunk drivers, then he got hit by one - ouch
Joefish - Real Fishermen don't feel sorry for the bait lol
U know when u've been tango'd - I love these adverts lol.
WTF was going through this fools mind as he set off down the roof
If ur gunna show off doing 'stoppies' on the highway, give urself enough room
This kid's well in control of his bike, almost...
How to avoid road rage
What would my parents say?. Priceless
See a guy get hot under the collar after a flaming drink
Whooooa. Make sure u got enough speed before trying a ski-jump like this
Watch the streaker at the Ladbrokes poker cruise 2006 presentation
See a cat swing from a ceiling fan, how long can it hold on for?
Houston we got a problem. This takes stupidity to a whole new dimension
Love hurts. It almost had me crying...
This guy knows how to preserve wildlife
German Engineering vs Arab Technology
Watch the bull gets its own back, an oldie but goodie.

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