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For some years now i've given away a free poker timer to anyone who wants it, that many of you have used and enjoyed, however i decided to write a more professional program with more features (coz when im not getting screwed by muppets on the tables its wot i do to make a buck lol), so unfortunately the old poker timer has been retired and the new one taking over. I know ur all tightwads, and dont wanna pay owt, but it's only £10 stinking quid a copy, and u never know, u might actually win it back off me one day :)

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How We Run Our Home Games

We have regular home games at my place, usually every week if we can lol, and this is how we run 'em. We have found that there are several things to consider and problems to avoid, listed below:
  • Avoid Having too many chips on the table (makes it a PIA to keep counting when someone moves in). It mite look good on the telly, but in reality wastes time.
  • Avoid Having chips with too many different denominations (Unnecessary), 3 colours are plenty
  • Avoid Having blind levels too long, or keeping blinds too small. If u run a rebuy (which we do for an hour) then you can have the game taking forever, and u need to balance a reasonable game, with those that get KO early having to wait too long for another game.
  • We have values printed on our chips. I initially thought it would prevent people asking me 'how much are these worth', but this isn't really necessary coz u get used to 'em pretty soon, however if u are playing with total novices, such as family at Christmas, it mite be worth mounting one of each on a piece of card with the value written underneath, and displaying it where all can see.
  • Buy the best chipset u can afford. Ours are 11.5g clay suited. And its worth paying the extra. The cheapo 8g chips for example are crap, don't feel right, and are harder to do 'chip tricks' with lol. You can really push the boat out and go for the 15g chips if u can afford 'em, nice......
  • Get some decent cards (plastic preferably), with large index on. a good pack will last ages, and feel much better to handle.

  • 15 Minute levels, Which are: 25/50, 50/100, 100/200, 200/400, 300/600, 500/1000, 700/1400, 1000/2000, 1500/3000 (I dont think we've ever got past a bb of 3k)
  • 1500 starting chips, comprising 8 x Green (25), and 13 x 100 (black). Alternatively 8 Green, 8 Black, 1 Purple (500) if we have more than 6 players
  • Re-buy's for one hour, but u have to be BELOW 1500 chips.
  • Re-buy's are given 3 x 500 chips (purple), changed down in the school.
  • No Add-ons (you can end up with too many chips in the school), but that's up to you !!
  • At the 1hr break, we occasionally change the green chips (25's) into 100's, as u don't need 'em any more.
  • Games Usually take 1.5-2hrs, but we have had then last as little as 45 mins if gambling fever takes over and someone wins a gigantic multi-way all in hehe.
  • If we have 6 players or less we pay top 2, 70%/30%. If We have any more then its 3 paid, 50%, 30%, 20%.

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