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These are screen dumps of anything interesting, plus some rare joyous moments I've had when playing internet poker, ahhh happy times, but unfortunately too infrequent, so c'mon RNG, just one time baby... 
My m8 Koxi82 played AQ sooted on the FT of the 2k Guaranteed and found his 2nd pr/str8/flush/royal flush draw impossible to fold when set AI (could u?), but wasn't happy on seeing he was up against a set, fortunately the RNG delivered a monster pot lol, giving him enuf chips to eventually win 1st prize - WD fella :)I wondered what the percentages for each player were on the flop, coz my gut feeling was it must have been pretty close, and surprisingly found that the odds were roughly 61% in favour of the 10's after the flop, rising to 75% after the turn, so I spose Koxi was a tad fortunate, but as they say...... (no, I wont say it lol)
This was sent in by DUDGEY. He found something he liked in the BB, and stayed in till the river, hitting a royal. Its any 2 cards don't ya know, lol.
Aint this always the way when uv'e been folding junk and waiting for a hand. I'm top left and made a reasonable raise first in, getting re-raised by the BB. I re-re-raise and he re-re-re-reraises etc, until eventually we're both AI preflop. Ahhh well, mebbe better luck next time lmao.....
I saw a cheap flop from the SB, then checked my flush/str8/str8 flush draw paying a small bet. I lead out when the king fell on the turn getting called, and luckily for me the card that made my opponent a backdoor flush made me a bigger hand hehe.
Once again in the $4.5k guaranteed mupfest on 365, the BB is 30, and I make a big 9x preflop raise against 5 limpers with my AQ sooted, and as per, all 5 of 'em call (how much do u have to raise to take a muff off a hand?). They all check the flop to me, so I move in 1.2k on my flush/str8/royal flush/overcard draw, and the UTG limper/caller from Copenhagen can't call quick enuf with his 78 sooted. When he hits an 8 on the turn, i'm just about to launch my monitor thru the window, but wait... I hit the Jack on the river. In yer face u scandi muffcake.
I've had bullets busted by crap more times than I care to remember, but this was one time I got my own back. I had'nt seen a hand for the thick end of an hour, the blinds were 200/400, and I was down to 1500 chips. It was folded to me, so I moved in with A7 hoping to take the blinds, but found AA next man down (as u do lol). No sooner had I shouted 'Chit' than I made quad 7's. This amazing piece of fortune kick started my game and I eventually made the FT, only to run into AA again, but alas no 2nd miracle happened. Its rigged I tells ya lol.
I was messing in the FR the other night and my cards were dealt face down, so I called blind getting 9/1 on my money hoping my cards would appear at some stage, but alas no, I had to fold to the next bet.
NakedFlame Can't see His hole cards either, but does that stop him calling a real money raise?. Nah course not, our hero doesn't let mere details like this stop him gambling lol.
I limped K10 sooted, paid small bets on the flop and turn, and hit the perfect river. My opponent paid off a smallish reraise, coz i felt if i bet too much he wud'v folded.
In the $4k guaranteed ($3 + .50) rebuy on bet365. blinds are only 15/30 and look at the size of the pot preflop. I was luvving it when 2 of 'em moved in after i checked, and I felt compelled to call with my 4 aces. surprise surprise u muffs.
I limped preflop then called a smallish raise with 45 sooted coz there were loads in the pot and I was getting gr8 'pot odds' lol. I called a small bet on the flop getting summat like 10/1, and a bigger one on the turn getting something like 8/1. After I hit the str8 flush wheel, this guy moves in on me. Tuff decision lol.
I limped 68 sooted from the SB and flopped a massive draw, so bet out HUGE on my O/E str8, flush and str8 flush draw (draws don't get much better lol), expecting 'em all to fold, but I get one caller who unluckily for him hit top pr. I hit the perfect card on the turn, where I just checked, looking like I was scared of the flush, then flat called his expected bet. When the river was a raggy 4, I set him AI collecting the rest of his chips. BTW i was having something of a purple patch this game, as u can tell from mr__cane's comments lol.
This was a fun hand to watch, the action went: AA raised preflop, JQ moves AI (muff alert), so does KK, and AA calls (well u would lol). blinds are still only 15/30 in the $3 rebuy, and the AA wins a nice 6.9k pot. I did feel sorry tho' for the KK, who mustv been chuffed to see the K drop first card, but not for long, with the JQ muffer getting a consolation J - better luck next time m8 lmao.
This typifies the dangers of limping Aces. I saw a free flop in the BB, and bugger me, look what flopped. I kept checking and calling his bets, before he realised something was up and asked me if i 'have jack?'. I kept quiet and only showed him once all his chippies were in the middle. hehe.

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