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Its hard living in the Ghettos of Leeds, made even harder when u have to beat some of these nutters at poker just so u can afford a drink or a smoke. The photo's were taken on my mobile so are pretty low grade (just like the customers), but If ur ever near my local and wanna play the tuffest game in town, then pop along and you can be sure of big Vic welcome.
A pop-head tries to get 40 winks in the car park mid-afternoon He's about to wake up, quick, give him a drink before reality sets in Colon seems to be concentrating for once
A random guy shows off his eyeshadow and lipstick, lovely!! A 2 table tourny gets underway u gotta give a professional impression when sat at the table
This guys going for the blackpool illumination look a dubious guy A game gets going
when ur Ko, theres always drinking or a game of pool Mrs Bob looks happy, she mustv just won or summat.
yet another all-in this seems a reasonable request in the kitchen Pity it forgot to say owt about rolling a little number
time to get serious but maybe not this guy. A thumbs up for the Vic beer garden
It's usually busy outside whether ur in or out of the motor Be it day or night
A shy guy A sleepy guy A Military Guy
Show me the money Not that this guy ever see's it lol U can always be sure of a warm welcome
a guy relaxes around the pool area while another attempts a pot A party car
A newbie gets shocked at the low standard of play Yes son, your eyes didnt decieve u, it really is that bad. Theres plenty of forthcoming events, its just that they're kept secret.
someone tell this guy Its *supposed* to be a 'beer garden' (lmfao), not a body shop for scrappers. the local gay boys can even get a game here someone seems happy, but then again they always are after they skanked a win.

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